Credo is an ingredient-driven restaurant opened in 1998 in Trondheim. We reopened in our new spacious location in February 2018 at Lilleby in Trondheim.

Heidi Bjerkan is a Norwegian chef, our chef de cuisine and owner of Credo. Now she is running the food-triangle Credo Restaurant, Jossa mat og drikke and Finnes Kafé at Lilleby, Trondheim. Heidi is passionate about raising awareness of our food systems, improving land use practices and preserving the traditional food cultures of the region.
For Heidi, the farmers are the heroes of this story, and it is their work that should shine above all others.

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Heidi, recieved one Michelin star and the price for sustainable restaurants also went to Credo.

During a meal at Credo, Heidi takes all of her guests on a personal tour through the gardens, waterways and forests where our raw ingredients grow.

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Opening hours: 
Monday - Saturday: 6 pm - 10 pm

Phone: +47

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