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Platter with cold cuts, seafood and cheese. Served with bread and butter Pilgrimsuppe with beef, rootvegtebles, bread and butter. Served twice

Quiche served with salad. Choose between ham and vegetarian Chicken salad with bacon, croutons and walnuts. Served with homemade focaccia be ordered.

Price 295,- NOK pr. per including coffee/the, water and todays dessert.

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Cocktail Reception at Kafe to Tårn: We take reservation for groups of 50 up to 200 offering 2 glasses of white wine and a selection of canapés, fruit and salt snacks.

NOK 505,- NOK per person

Tapas Reception at Kafe to Tårn

Full Tapas Buffét with warm and cold dishes incorporating local produce.  Including 2 glasses of wine, coffee and a dessert.

695,- NOK per person

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